Do you carry jewelry, clothing, or hats?

No. At this time, we have a gentlemen's agreement between Mystic Ireland and us. They carry gifts, we carry food items. We do carry some pottery, books, artwork perfume, and other smaller items.


Where do you ship?

At this time, we only ship to the continental United States. Feel free to contact us if you live outside of the continental United States. This includes overnight and 2-Day Air. Shipping charges due apply.


Do you ship frozen items?

Yes we do! We consider when the items will arrive to your location, so sometimes we delay the shipping to ensure that all the items arrive as frozen as possible. 


I've seen a specific item over in Ireland and Great Britain. Why don't you carry it?

Sometimes no one has asked. Most of the time, it is due to availability to us in the United States. Imported grocery items are subject to different rules and regulations in the United States versus rules and regulations in Ireland and Great Britain. If we don't stock it, and you would like us to, just let us know! We will do our best to bring it in.